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Every month we have the opportunity to creatively attune our awareness of our intentions to the rhythm of the lunar cycle. When we steadily and willfully flow with the moon’s energies, we begin to see our potential manifest in a new light. We begin to live in a reality more closely related to the visions being illuminated in our mind as we see them through, every step of the way.
Every time we set an intention, by aligning our energy with the Moon our manifestation skills are sharpened, and we come that much closer to living out our most impactful prospects. Now…imagine doing this by knowing which house is lit up in our charts during the New Moon? There is a poetry contained within every lunation phase. There is a map for us to observe and subjectively identify with.
Wouldn’t it be cool to know which House you should manifest from during this New Moon? How to supercharge the next few months of your life?
This is where Enchanted Energy comes in. Sale $149
* Do you love to read your monthly magical message?
* Would you like to feel connected to the New Moon and the Full Moon?
* Do you want to make your dreams come true?
* Do you want to feel more connected to the moon’s energies?
* Do you want to know what tools to use for the month (Essential Oils, crystals)?
* Do you want to know what Angels, goddesses, and affirmations to work with?
Here’s how to work with each Moon Phase to let it guide the unfolding of your intentions…
New Moon Magic (12 monthly reports) Value $360
Where is the New Moon Now?
Where is the New Moon in your chart? Focus on the areas that the sign points to and supercharge your manifesting skills.
What Chakras you should focus on.
Guardian Archangel – Which Archangel can assist you during a particular New Moon?
Guiding Goddess: Which Goddess wants to support you with this New Moon?
Crystal Use: Which crystals want to support you this New Moon?
Affirmations, Meditations, Mantras, Messages from Beyond.
Essential Oils – The essential oils to work with during the New Moon that facilitates change in your particular house.
Numerology – Numerology can shine the light on what you are manifesting for the month.
Practices you should be doing for that moon cycle
Introductory Special $149!! That is a savings of $211!!!!

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