Breath of Fire Ceremony




Do you feel it? There is a wildness that wants to be expressed, a flame within each of us that needs to be kindled. With conscious love, patience and careful tending to our inner fire, we can allow it to burn bright! Please join me for a very special event, April 15, 2018, as the New Moon enters Aries. BREATH OF FIRE RITUAL AND CEREMONY.
*NEW MOON* in Aries begins a brand new cycle and heralds the beginning of the astrological year. Aries is the fire starter within each of us who creates fire by friction and blows forth the flame that sparks the beginning of something wild, elemental, essential and new.
That spark of creation is a gift we can all utilize, but we must learn to use our fire wisely, and conducted in the right way, it can be a force for great transformation and creative ingenuity.

What is included:

  • Your New Moon Report
  • Red Dragon Activation
  • New Moon Ceremony

New Moon Report:

We each have 12 Houses and when you find out how which House the New Moon is affecting for you personally you will be able to supercharge your intentions. Not only that but when you go through all 12 houses you will be in alignment with things such as love, social life, career ambitions, communication and so on.

  • For example, the New Moon will be in Aries. Aries is in my 1st house which represents social mask, or how people see me. So I would want to create intentions around that. How do I want people to see me? How do I want to come across to others? And so on…

It will give you a very clear idea of which part of your life to really work on in the coming four weeks.

It will include:

✨Where is the New Moon Now?

✨Where is the New Moon in your chart? Focus on the areas that the sign points to and supercharge your manifesting skills.

✨What 2 Chakras you should focus on.

✨Guardian Archangel – Which Archangel can assist you during a particular New Moon?

✨Guiding Goddess: Which Goddess wants to support you with this New Moon? Having trouble in relationships? Try calling on Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, etc

✨Crystal Use: Which crystals want to support you this New Moon?

✨Affirmations, Meditations, Mantras, Messages from Beyond.

✨Essential Oils – The essential oils to work with during the New Moon that facilitates change in your particular house.

✨Numerology – Numerology can shine the light on what you are manifesting for the month.

✨Practices you should be doing for that moon cycle

Valued at $30


The Arcturian Red Dragon Energy – this energy transmission will connect you to the fiery passion you naturally have within your Heart. With this, you will feel more motivated to do what’s in alignment with your Soul Purpose and breathe some passion on your intentions.

Valued at $50

New  Moon Ritual: Breathe of Fire

Channel and balance your inner fire and allow the flame to burn brightly.

Includes a Fire Crystal Grid photo that will be sent to you in advance for the ceremony.

Valued at $50

All yours today for $49