2018 Year Ahead Planner




2018 promises to be quite a year!

There are some major planetary changes going on:

Taskmaster Saturn will be in Capricorn

Lucky Jupiter in Scorpio


There are eclipses in Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius.

All this affects us in different ways, as you will read.

But perhaps the biggest Astro-event is the move of the planet Uranus into Taurus.

Uranus – aka the game-changer of the zodiac

Here is what you get:

🐉 Mantras

🗓 Yearly Overview

🔮 Power Days

💰 Financial and Work Success

💏 Love & Relationship Guidance

🔭 Things to look out for

🌓 7 Pages of Moon Extras

🌙 19 Pages on the Moon Phases and how to work with your 12 houses



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