This week was rough, yet I know as I am writing this nothing is actually rough until I label it that way. Surely, I have been through much harder “stuff”. It is the standard operating procedure to point it out to yourself or your friends so I choose to pump energy into the positive. TODAY, SOMETHING AMAZING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY! Every time I say those words publicly something amazing does happen and I am grateful for the big and the little.

So next time something happens to you that doesn’t delight you hit the pause button and allow it to sit a few days or even just a few hours and use that time to give “your story” a different ending.

95% of my life is a miracle, such as:

* I was created from the stars
* Free liquid falls from the sky
* The beach is my happy place and only 15 minutes from me so I can go anytime I want.
* I have amazing children and plenty of children from another mother:)
* Charleston is an amazing city to live
* A cardinal came to my back porch
* My rescue kitten acts like a dog