Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/2018, that is a whole lot of 8’s and my birth number is also an 8!

Lot’s of energy swirling out there and several planets in retrograde, add a portal, a few eclipses and thinning of the veil…pfew that is a lot. What are you calling in? Where does the New Moon fall in your chart? Knowing this will allow you to supercharge your intentions. New Moon this month just so happens to be in my 6th house, health, and daily routines. If you know me, this has been the focus since mid-July!!


The energy may make you feel impulsive, restless and a little anxious. So, please try to be patient if you don’t feel things are going your way! July was an intense and challenging month for many of us and the Lunar Eclipse on 27th July was incredibly powerful. We are still under the influence of the Eclipse energies as we move into August.

A few things came up for me last week with the Eclipse energies and fear, anger and the lack of ability or the fear in being vulnerable and asking for help…even trusting that people would be there when I needed someone to lean on became apparent and showed me that these emotions and these vulnerabilities were something I really needed to work on. I feared for my health, my life and the same for my youngest. When I was 13 my little sister was diagnosed with a rare disease and when I was 20/21 years of age I learned what it was like to lose a sister, a child and my father, move to a new state and learning that my then husband really had difficulty standing beside me while I dealt with my grief. At a young age I learned what it was like to stand by myself, to deal with my grief alone, to take care of myself by myself. Closing myself off from friends and loved ones. Do not get me wrong, my family would have been there for me in a heartbeat. I just didn’t know how to ask. I still don’t. One thing is for sure…I am freakin’ strong lol.

The last few days I have been talking about this a lot. NOT BECAUSE I am focused on life’s punches BUT I had to work through what these hardships are teaching me. How I can learn from them and what I need to change. Ask for the help, ask for a shoulder to lean on for a friend to talk to you. If they become overwhelmed or walk away, let them go. But you would be surprised at how many people showed up for me in small and big ways but all…appreciated.

Being present more and living each day to the fullest, love more, support more, fear, less…are my lessons for the next few weeks. If emotions are coming up for you at the moment please take time to feel them and understand them. Don’t ignore them or push them back down. As we are following a ‘spiritual path’ we may feel that anger is ‘bad’, but actually, it is very empowering as long as we don’t hold on to it! Anger is a very useful emotion as it shows us when we feel something is wrong and we feel powerless to change it. Anger can fuel our passion for change. Anger shows us when something is not in alignment, just like all our emotions.

Some of you may have had glimpses of past lives or felt that you are clearing a very deep layer within your soul that has been holding you back. Things are shifting without us having to consciously do it ourselves!  Old constructs and contracts are being dissolved and this is happening at a collective level as well as an individual level.

The best time to clear your own Akashic Records this month is between the peak of the Lions Gate Portal on the 8th August until the next Eclipse on the 11th August. These few days are a power period, so tapping into this energy can help you release and shift you forward!

On the 8th of August, we have the most powerful time for the Lions Gate Portal. The Lions Gate Portal opened on the 26th of July and closes on the 12th August, but it is at its most powerful on 8th August. The number 8 is the great equalizer. It balances both the material and immaterial worlds. It can also help to awaken those who are willing and activates our 3rd Eye Chakras. This energy will help us to get more in tune with the higher energetic frequencies. So, this day is a great time to meditate or honor yourself with some healing or spiritual practice.

We also have another Solar Eclipse on the 11th August, which will help us by creating a new way forward. The energy will help to bring in new opportunities and clarity to situations or concerns that may have been troubling us. Opening yourself up to this energy will also bring forth a greater sense of connection and belonging. This Solar Eclipse is the last Eclipse for 2018, but the energies of this Eclipse and the ones in July will work with us until the next Eclipse in January 2019.

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