Can Astrology be used to predict Success in Business?

This question has a two- part answer: the first is applying the principles of astrology to a business as a separate entity. The second is the analysis of your own astrology birth chart for indications of success in the business area.

Since we usually think of Astrology as a tool for understanding ourselves and foretelling our personal future, the idea of using astrology for predicting for a business may sound a bit odd. But really astrology can be applied to any born entity for which we can create a Birth Chart. Cool thought right? Thus the first problem is determining when, exactly, is a business born?

The first day of business can be applied, when your brick and mortar doors open, virtual business is open and ready for clients, products are available for purchase and so on. An astrology birth chart is then created for that date and time, with the location figured for where the owner is sitting at the computer. It is even possible to deliberately chose the business’s birth date and time beforehand so that the potential for success is enhanced. OMG! How exciting is this?

The principles of analysis used for determining success in a personal chart work equally well for a business. For example it is best if planets such as Jupiter and Venus, are strongly placed in the chart. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are the strongest positions. The planet whose intrinsic quality most represents the nature of the business should also be strong. For example, if the business involves data and information, Mercury needs to be powerful. For a business that involves art or luxury products, Venus needs to be strong.

Starting a new business, plan it’s chart/success ahead of time. Want to know more about your business’ natal chart?