Are you the best-kept-secret in your business? If they don’t know you exist, you don’t have a chance of letting them know how good you are.

It won’t even matter how good you are if they don’t know what you do or if they haven’t seen you hang out in groups. If you can’t get their business, YOU don’t have a business.

Here are some ideas to become visible.
1. Have a website
Okay…so I am saying this even though I didn’t have a website for several years and still had a profitable business. So please do not let this stop you. You can create a business with a great Facebook Group and an up to date Linkedin page.

2. Start a blog
Creating free content is the best and easiest way to show off your expertise and differentiate yourself from others.

3. Offer content upgrades
What’s a content grade? Have you ever read a blog post at the end of which they asked you if you like to grab a PDF related to the topic you just read about, a checklist or cheat sheet or something like that? Well, that’s a content upgrade. It is extremely powerful.

4. Join Facebook groups. Groups are a fantastic way to get in front of your ideal clients and customers. You can also start your own Facebook group if you are interested in building a community.

5. Facebook Live
Have you tried live streaming? It is so hot right now. I admit, I have trouble with this one but it does work! When you broadcast live, it gives you a chance to share your ‘real’ self with your followers. Not only do you get to flaunt your expertise, you show your personality and attract new fans.

6. Pick a social media platform to dominate
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Snapchat.

7. Host a webinar
Webinars are excellent for building brand awareness, credibility, and your list.
You can fill your webinars by promoting it on social media and your Facebook page or you can drive traffic to it using Facebook ads.

8. Invest in a Facebook ad, they can be the quickest way to get directly in front of the people you serve and get clients but it can also help you grow your audience and become more visible.

What do you do to become visible online?